Scatter Sunshine

We just had our RS Birthday Party - I know - a little late, but we had good reasons.  It was a fun theme and all the ladies really loved it.  We used the theme of "Scatter Sunshine", which if you read the words to the hymn is all about service.  We started the evening by singing Scatter Sunshine and then talked for a few minutes about service and introduced our service campaign.  We asked each sister to take a few sun cut outs and each time they perform an act of service (no matter how small or large) to write it on one of the cut outs and return it to us.  We will be placing it on a display that will be up outside the RS room over the next few months.  The women really got into this and took a bunch of cut-outs.  Several of them even came up to me and asked if I had more.  I am really looking forward to seeing our display fill up with sunshine.

I only took a few pictures, but I will try to explain what we did.  The invitations were sunshine wands.  We just cut small dowels into about 8 inch pieces.  We tacked some yellow and white ribbon and fabric strips to the top and then punched holes in the top and bottom of the paper invitation and slid it onto the dowel.  They turned out really cute.  Unfortunately, I did not snap a picture before I gave them all out.  I have pictures of the centerpieces, which were made with thicker dowels cut into 24 inch pieces.  We tied long pieces of ribbon and fabric strips around them and topped them with a Scatter Sunshine topper.  These dowels were secured in yellow cups filled with plaster and then they were put in little baskets that had the sunshine cut outs in them.

(Sorry about the picture quality, the lighting in our church is not the best.)

We also put up posters of good quotes on service by church leaders past and present.  We had favors of three pieces of salt water taffy tied up in little cellophane bags with a scatter sunshine tag at each place at the table.
We served curried chicken sandwiches on croissants, spinch strawberry salad, and lemon cooler cake.  The ladies loved the theme and the food.  It was a really successful evening.

You can download my toppers and treat bag tags here.