Cookies & Milk Invitations

We had a girls night RS activity at church last month. Basically, this is a mother/daughter activity, but since I have all sons, I am a little sensitive to calling it that, since you really don't have to bring a daughter to attend, and we were hoping that all our sisters would feel welcome whether they had a daughter to bring or not. It was a fun night with a few rounds of Bingo and prizes and then homemade cookies and milk. It was a fun night and I think all the ladies and girls had a good time. I wanted to share these cute invitations I made. I would not recommend doing them on such a large scale, they took forever, but for a smaller party, they are cute and fun. I downloaded this template from Belle's printables, (it's free!) assembled the cartons, wrapped them in red paper, added the party info, and then filled them with cookie crisp. The boxes were then secured shut with a ribbon. Everyone seemed to think they were really cute and that I was really crazy for making so many. I have to say that I agree with them.