Nativity Blocks

I have been working on projects for our women's craft night at church.  We started advertising last Sunday and this project was a real hit. (I will be posting about the other projects soon.)
These cute nativity blocks are made from a 2x4 that has been cut and trimmed to the right sizes for our pieces.  I then painted the front of the blocks an off white and oiled (with mineral oil) the sides and back to bring out the wood grain. Next, I sanded the edges lightly to soften any ragged paint and added the images.  I printed these images out on sticker paper and then gave them a coating of sealer, after they were applied to the blocks, to prevent smudging.  They turned out so cute and I love the fact that they are kid friendly.  My boys already love them and can't resist playing with them whenever they are out.  I purchased the images as a downloadable file folder game from Green Jello with Carrots and Melanie was so great to work with.  She has agreed to give us a really good deal on our downloads for the ladies.  So, I highly recommend her company and their cute products.

Here are some close ups of the cute blocks!!!!