Christmas Advent Quilt

My sister really enjoys piecing quilts. She has inspired me over the last couple of years to pick up the hobby as well, and I must admit it is quite addicting. Last year, she made a cute Christmas quilt. I decided that I would like to make a Christmas quilt for my family this year. I could just picture my boys snuggling up on the family room couch under a cute holiday quilt. Then, I ran onto this pattern for an advent calendar quilt, with pockets pieced right into the quilt. I knew I wanted to make it this year. I armed myself with a Ready, Set, Snow charm pack by Moda and some yardage and got to work way back in August.

This was actually a fairly easy quilt to put together. The worst part was appliqueing the numbers on the pockets. If you are good at applique it would probably be a snap, but it took me FOREVER. While I was in the middle of it, I told my sister that I wished I had just stenciled them on with some good fabric paint, or cut the numbers out of felt and used a fabric glue to apply them. Now that it is done, however, I am really glad that I took the time to applique the numbers. I love them!!

It is nice to have something substantial to hang on the wall during the Christmas season. My boys will love getting their surprises out of the pockets every day. Maybe next year I will make that dream Christmas quilt for them to snuggle up under on the couch.