And They're Off!

I have had two quilt tops pieced for several months now - just sitting around waiting for me to baste, quilt, and bind them.  Finishing those two quilts are two of the projects on my 100 project list.  Today, I decided to send them both off to be quilted by a professional on a long arm quilter.  I really didn't want to face wrestling with the larger one on my machine.  I am also ready for something different than the straight line quilting I always do.  I have tried free motion quilting on my machine, but every time I do, my machine ends up in the shop.  (We finally found there is some sort of defect that causes the feed dogs to jam up and my machine loses its timing.  So, no free motion quilting for me - at least until I get a new machine.)  So, with all those reasons in mind, I prepared the quilt to be shipped off, then I decided if I am paying for postage on one, I might as well throw the baby quilt in with it.  It feels so good to have them both off and know that I only have to bind them when they get back next month.  I can't wait!!!