The Green Drink - Frozen

One of my favorite breakfasts in the summer is a good smoothie.  One of the healthiest options is the green drink (you know the ones with spinach.)  The problem with these spinach drinks is that most mornings are so crazy for me that I don't take the time to clean and chop up all the fruit necessary to make one of these healthy concoctions. Then, one day, I saw the greatest idea on Pinterest. (I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest that I will go into another day) The idea is that you make a big batch of the green drink and then freeze it in muffin cups to be used on other days.  Genius!  So, I thought I would give it a try.  This is what I did.....
Day 1:

 Fill your blender about a third of the way full of baby spinach.  Then fill it the rest of the way with fruit.  I used apple, banana (a must!), strawberries, half an orange (my son just had to have the other half), and frozen raspberries (love them!!)  Then add water to the blender to just above the spinach line.

Turn on the blender and let it go for two to three minutes until completely smooth.

You will notice that my drink is not quite as bright green and lovely as some of the others you may have seen.  That is due to my addition of the red fruits.  If you want a brighter green drink, stick with the whiter fruits.  Personally, I don't mind the brownish green look, especially considering the health benefits of berries. (Plus, I really love how they taste)

Now carefully pour the mixture into standard size muffin cups and freeze.  Once frozen, remove from the cups and store in a freezer bag.  I suggest you use silicone muffin pans if you have them.  This would be much easier, since I had to dip the bottoms of my muffin pans in hot water to remove these babies, but I don't have silicone, so I did what I had to.

Day 2:

Take 2 of your frozen disks of spinach drink and throw them in the blender.  Add liquid and blend until smooth.  (I use juice or water with a little bit of honey.)  Enjoy a healthy breakfast drink in no time.