Why I Am Turning Off Comments - For Now

For a long time this blog was private.  Yup!  I just wrote and posted and never told a soul about it.  It was a place for me to record and enjoy some of the domestic things that I loved doing.  A place away from the boys where I could be as girly as I wanted to be.  I didn't think that anyone would really be very interested in the kind of stuff that I was writing about anyway.  Then one day, I was looking through some of my old posts and thought that a few of them did actually contain some information that someone out there might enjoy reading.  I also thought about all of the blogs that have taught me, inspired me, and brought a smile to my face over the years.  So, if something in my blog could do the same for a person or two out there, shouldn't I share it?  I gathered up my courage and made the blog public.

Slowly, a few people other than myself started reading my blog.  I even participated in a few linky parties, but other than that I haven't really worried about my blog "stats".  A few comments trickled in here and there, and I enjoyed and appreciated every one of them.  Then suddenly, I started worrying about comments.  Why wasn't I getting more?  My blog stats were showing that my blog had daily visitors from all over the world.  It was then that I realized in order to get comments, you need to start giving them.

I have a few blogs that I follow religiously.  Have I ever made a comment?  Maybe one or two, but it is hard for me to do it.  I am not sure why, and the thought of having to make loads and loads of comments in hoping that a few of those people will check out my blog and comment back fills me with anxiety.  On top of that, I feel like, at this time in my life I am lucky to get a blog post up, let alone spend a lot of time commenting on other blogs.  So, I feel really bad about not being a major blog commenter.  I know I should be better because I appreciate all of the people that put so much into their blogs and all the inspiration they have given me and all I have learned from them. Maybe someday.  I hope so, I really do.

But, until then,  I am turning off comments.  I just want to write and share and not worry about it, like I did back in the old days.  In that same breath, I want to say that I love, love, love, hearing from my readers and I don't want to cut you off, so if you ever have a question or comment feel free to send me a quick e-mail at the address listed under "contact me" on my top navbar.  I try to reply back to all e-mails as quickly as I can.

Sorry about the long, boring post.  I promise that next week I will be back with some things that will hopefully be a little more fun and interesting.