Organized Cleaning Closet

I am popping in today to share my organized cleaning closet. This closet is a work in progress, and I am sure that it will evolve and improve over time, but this is where we are at for now.

When I was designing my kitchen, I knew I wanted a large closet to hold cleaning supplies.  This was something that was sorely lacking in my previous home, so I wanted to make sure that I had a place to hold everything.

This is the cleaning closet from the outside.  I apologize in advance for the pictures in this post.  My island is between the windows and this closet, so I get a weird shadow that I am not skilled enough at photo editing to remove, plus they are a little blurry, because I couldn't use my tripod with the island in the way.

Open it up and this is what is inside.  

I love this shopping bag dispenser.  I know a lot of people don't use shopping bags anymore, but with my large family, I can't take enough reusable shopping bags for everything I need, so I use the ones from the store.  Our store has a big recycling bin at the entrance where I can return them to be recycled, but I always hold onto some, because they definitely come in handy sometimes, and this dispenser keeps them nice and compact.  Plus it is easy to use.  Originally I used the adhesive strips to mount this to the side of the cupboard, but they didn't hold the dispenser up for long, so I ended up mounting it to the cupboard with screws.

This broom/mop holder is also a great way to keep those things in order.

I keep my vacuum in another closet (that is a post for another day), but the attachments are all in a bag hanging from the broom/mop holder.  Cleaning supplies that are used for other rooms are kept in a caddy.

I also attached a wall file to the door to hold other miscellaneous cleaning supplies.  I love how it takes advantage of the extra space on the door.

I purchased the bag dispenser and broom/mop holder from Amazon, and I am including affiliate links to the exact products I purchased.  I bought the wall file from Ross, but I am including an affiliate link for something similar at Amazon as well.

There are still improvements I would like to make to this cleaning closet, but for now, I am pretty happy with how it is working for me.