Easy Fall Kids Craft

My first grader brought home the cutest, easiest, little Fall kids craft I have seen in awhile.  He thinks he has made a total masterpiece and now this cute little tree is proudly displayed in our home. And this tree is also very forgiving.  It was sitting on our fireplace hearth (no fires in the fireplace yet), and his big brother sat right on top of it.  My little first grader acted like his heart was broken because the tree was squished flat, but the great thing about this tree is we just fluffed it up again and it looked as good as new.

My husband, the principal, happened to be walking through the class when they were working on this project, so he gave me a couple of tips to share with you, in case you want to make a little paper bag Fall tree of your own.

I know, these pictures aren't the best, but they give you the general idea.  I wanted to show this close up of the branches, so hopefully my explanation will make more sense.  All you do is get a paper lunch sack and cut the top portion into strips about 1/2 way down the bag.  Then twist the strips into  branches.  It works best if you twist two strips together to do this.

Add some scraps of paper in fall leaf colors and then give the bottom portion of the bag a good squish to make the trunk, making sure that you leave the bottom alone, so the tree will stand up.

Now that is a super fun, super quick fall craft project for young kids!