Why I Blog

I started this blog for a lot of reasons. I didn't care if anyone ever read it, and in fact, have never told a soul about it. It was a sort of journal for me. When I found out I was having my fifth boy, and therefore, would never have a daughter, I was heartbroken. Not because I did not love or want my sweet boy - but because there was so much that I wanted to pass on to the next generation, that, let's face it, most boys just do not care about. You know the old saying "He who has sons, never dies." I feel it is the same with women and daughters. Of course my influence on my boys is profound, and I take it very seriously, but their dad is their true mentor. So much of what I do in life to create a home and life experience for my boys, so many of the skills I have honed through my life will die with me. There will be no one who will want to learn these things from me. There will be no one I can mentor to be a good wife, mom, homemaker and woman.

One day as I was thinking about these things, I thought alot about my grandmothers. How I wished I would have asked them more about how they managed their homes and families while their kids were growing. How I would love to read some kind of record of their day to day doings, and things they worked on for their kids and to make their house a home. So, I figured, I might someday have a granddaughter who will be interested in reading and seeing some of my day to day life as I am raising my boys. Maybe not - but it makes me feel better to think about it anyway. So, I started this blog as a way to record some of these domestic things that I enjoy doing so much; and I hope that someday someone will find something useful or enjoyable here.