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Organized Toy/Game Closet

Today I am sharing my reorganized toy/game closet.  It had gotten pretty bad, so it is so nice to open this closet door and see this sight. Several years ago, I shared my newly organized toy closet .  At the time, my boys were young and the toys in that closet were all used regularly. This is a picture of the toy closet that I shared in that post from years ago. The games were all stored on the top shelf, because if I left them where the kids could easily access them, they would play "dump-and-mix" with them, and I did not want to have to sort out that mess. Now, my boys have moved on from a lot of the toys, and they can be trusted to keep the games in their rightful boxes.  In fact, the games are probably the most used items in the closet. Over the years, I had not changed how this closet was organized, but we had added quite a few toys and games, so it got very crowded in there.  A few weeks ago, my youngest boys and I went through the toys and games.  We donated and/or tos

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