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Packing List for Kids and Teens - Free Printable

Today I am sharing my packing list that I give my kids whenever we are getting ready for a trip.  I am trying to help my boys become more independent, but I know that if I just told them to go pack their bag for the trip, they would never come close to packing the right things.  This little list only takes a minute to print and fill out, and then my boys follow it to make sure they are packing everything they need to take.

I recently used this as we were all getting ready for our spring break trip and I was amazed at how good my boys are getting at packing with the help of this list.

I print it out and fill out how many of each item they need to pack.  If there is something on the list that they won't need, I just cross it out.  As you can see, on this last trip we didn't need Sunday clothes or Sunday shoes.  I also have a few lines at the bottom where you can fill out any other items you may need your kids to pack. 

Once the checklist is filled out, I give it to my boys.  My…

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