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Art Project for Kids - Simple Sunburst Art

Some of the most popular posts on this domestic blog of mine are simple art projects for kids.  When my husband was a fifth grade teacher, he did art with his students every Friday and I would often help him come up with the project for the week.  This simple sunburst art project is easy, fast, inexpensive and the kids always really enjoyed it.

Please excuse the photography.  I took these pictures year ago, when my husband was still teaching, and used the flash because the lighting in the school hallway wasn't very good when I visited on the weekend.

This is an easy art project to complete.  Simply start with several points on your paper and then make zig zag scribbles in a circular pattern around each point.  As the patterns start to run into each other the students will need to decide which circle will continue and which will end.

As you can see, some students started with only about five points and some used several more.  Each sunburst picture is unique and fun and it really …

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