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This is the best dip recipe I have ever come across.  It is quick and simple to throw together with items I almost always have on hand and everyone who tries it loves it. I was actually introduced to this dip several years ago, when one of my husband's co-workers gave us some.  I pestered her relentlessly for the recipe.  She finally handed it over, but asked that I not share it because it was kind of a family secret.  I, of course, honored her request. Recently, my mom gave me a couple of recipe boxes that belonged to my grandmother.  While going through one of the boxes, I was shocked to find the recipe for this dip.  The ingredients were exactly the same, but the proportions were slightly different. I tried the dip with Grandma's proportions and found that the dip was every bit as tasty as the original one I had been making for years. So now, I can share the recipe for this dip without feeling like I am betraying a friend.  I will keep the proportions of her recipe a secret,

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