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Sour Cream Potatoes

  I love, love, love this recipe for Sour Cream Potatoes.  It is the one that my grandma and my mom always made when I was growing up and I have always made for my family.  In my opinion, it is the perfect side dish to go with ham.  In fact, I am pretty close to positive that it will end up on our table this Sunday with our Easter Ham. I won't lie, I love these so much that if there are any leftovers, I have been known to heat them up with a little leftover ham for my breakfast the next day. (I wouldn't want to risk them being gone by lunch.)  So good!  I know so many people like to call this dish "funeral potatoes" and I have heard them called a few other things as well, but my grandma always referred to them as Sour Cream Potatoes, so that is what I like to call them, to honor her.  Regardless of what you like to call them, they are delicious! My grandma's recipe calls for 6 large potatoes that are boiled with the skins on.  Then you let them cool, peel them and

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