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Principal Closet Organization

  I'm popping in today to share how I organize my principal closet.  Well, popping in, may not be the right term.  I am sharing a lot  of pictures today, so this may take awhile. I am not sharing this closet because it is huge or beautiful or even perfectly organized. I am just sharing, because not everyone has a huge designer closet that is perfectly organized, and there may be a few ideas in my less-than-perfect closet for someone who is trying to tackle organizing their closet.  I personally love this closet and it works perfectly for me and that is what is most important. I am kind of a minimalist, so that applies to my clothes and shoes as well.  I don't have a ton and that works best for me.   When we were putting this closet together, I didn't want to do too much that was super permanent until I had used it awhile, and while there are a few minor changes I want to make someday, for the most part I am happy with what I have in here. We hung some clothes rods where I c

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