Laundry for the boys

My oldest two boys used to have a dresser in their room.  It drove me crazy, because the clothes were always a scrambled mess and I wondered why I even bothered folding them before putting them in there.  We finally decided to just get rid of it, and I came up with a new system.  I must say, I love this system and it has worked very well for us for over a year now.  Basically, I bought a cheap bookcase and some durable plastic bins.  Now, on laundry days, I have the boys remove the bins from the bookshelves and set them on the table.  As I am folding laundry, I place it in the bins and when the laundry is finished, they return them to the bookshelves where they belong.  The laundry usually stays folded.  The bookcase and bins look neat and orderly in their closet, and best of all, the boys are responsible for putting their own clean laundry away.  Gotta love that!!!