The Basket Case Quilt - At Last

I am finally producing the pictures of my finished Basket Case quilt.  I kept forgetting to have my husband hold it up for me when he was around, so I could get a picture. Today, I finally just had my nine-year-old hold it.  Therefore, these aren't the best pictures, but they give you the basic idea.  I think it turned out sooooo cute.

I used the Basket Case Pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.  I love Allison's blog and all of her patterns.  I have already made several, I have one in progress, and I have a few more of her patterns, just waiting for me to get around to making them.  I think what I love most about Allison's patterns is that most of them are boy friendly, and that can be hard to find.  They are also super easy to read, and most of them come together quickly.

One more plug for Allison - she is sooooo nice.  The first time I ordered a pattern from her, there was a problem with the delivery (which was 100% my fault).  I was so nervous about contacting her for help, since I felt so stupid about my mistake, but she could not have been nicer.  She helped me out right away and made me feel like she had done the same kind of thing tons of times - even though I am sure she hadn't.

The fabric is a Ruby (by Bonnie & Camille) jelly roll that I had purchased on clearance at a fabric store that was going out of business. (How totally lucky is that?!!)  I love all of the fabrics and I love how it turned out.