This and That

My boys are back in school, so in addition to the normal cleaning, laundry, meals, etc. around here, I have been able to accomplish a few other fun things.

I made a couple of cute zippered pouches for my sister. 

I made several more simple zippered pouches out of some scrap fabric and little zippers I had on hand.

For these, I used the same method as explained in my tutorial here.

I cut out my latest quilt project - - can't wait to start sewing on it!!

I made a new big batch of cream of chicken soup mix. (Recipe found here.)  This mix is great.  I use it in all my recipes that call for canned cream of chicken soup and my family has never noticed the difference.  This is so much cheaper and less processed that I am never buying the canned stuff again.

It feels great to finally accomplish a few things other than the "essentials."