Tuesday's Tip - Baby Briefcase

I have been ignoring this blog lately.  So sorry.  Moving has taken a lot of work and now we are in the process of buying a new (to us) home.  Even though I have been through the home buying process before, I am still shocked at how it disrupts my routine and takes so much time out of my day.  So, in order to get a little something up on the blog, I decided to revive "Tuesday's Tip" and share one of my favorite little organizational tricks.

 Many years ago, when my oldest boys were tiny, I ran onto this great idea.  A baby briefcase is a little expandable folder where you can keep all of your little one's important documents organized and safe.  However, the high price tag was not quite so attractive to me.  So, I decided to take the awesome concept and make my own little baby briefcases for just a few dollars.

I found small vinyl expandable file folders and added their names to them.

Then I labeled the tabs with the things I was planning on storing in each section, like, birth certificate, immunization record, etc.and put all those important documents in there.  All of these little files are kept in a safe place where I can easily access them when needed.

I kept mine pretty basic, after all, someday I am going to be handing these over to grown men to take care of for the rest of their lives, so I decided I didn't want them to look too juvenile.

I found my little file folders at a local store, and you may have better luck finding what you like at your local store, but I am including an affiliate link to an expandable file on Amazon that would work for this project.

These little homemade baby briefcases are a quick and easy project and help to keep all those important documents organized and easy to find.

**Affiliate link below.