Tuesday's Tip - Chocolate Chip Cookies

Would you like to take your chocolate chip cookies up a notch?  It only takes one simple thing - - just cover the dough and let it chill out overnight in the refrigerator.

I read awhile ago that if you let your chocolate chip cookie dough "age" overnight that it will help take your cookies over the top.  I didn't get around to trying it for a long time because, let's face it, when I get the craving for chocolate chip cookies I am probably not going to have the patience to wait until the next day after I have mixed up the dough to bake and eat them.  Then, a few weeks ago, I decided to make a batch of chocolate chip cookies to take on a road trip we had been planning, so I decided to try out this little trick.  I made up the dough, chilled it overnight, and then baked them a few hours before we left. I did this mostly to save time and clean-up on the day that we were leaving, but I was also curious about whether or not it would make any difference.

Let me tell you - - the wait was totally worth it.  The trick works and my already beloved and delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe became even better.

Give it a try sometime.  I imagine you will be as happy as I was.