Simple Paperclip Angel Ornaments

Every year my boys and I make an ornament to hang on the tree.  They are all labeled with their name and the year, so someday they can take their ornaments with them when they have a home and tree of their own.

This year, I needed to keep it really simple, so we made these easy, low-mess, angel ornaments.  I am sure that they are not new to any of you, this has been a really popular pin on Pinterest for years, but I wanted to share our experience with them and how they went over with the boys.

We used this tutorial - which is perfect.  The only thing I did differently was I threaded both ends of the ribbon through a darner needle before threading it through the bead.  It made it a million times easier for me.  I also made sure the ribbon was threaded through the beads before I started the craft with my boys. That way they didn't have to wait for me to thread them and they could just get started on tying them together.

I was a little worried that my boys would think these angels were a little too girly, but they seemed to like them just fine.  The little ones obviously needed more help than the big boys, but the ornaments came together quickly and with minimal frustration for the boys (and therefore for me).

When my husband got home and my boys showed him their work, he was genuinely impressed.  It was a winner all around.  If you are looking for a simple ornament project, this one is for you.

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