Numbered Bar Stools

I wanted to share with you today the numbered bar stools I put at the eating bar in my new kitchen. (Yes, we are in our new home and slowly, slowly getting things organized and put together.)  I saw this idea on Pinterest years ago, and I am sure that bar stools like this are really old news, but if you love it, you love it.   It doesn't matter how old the idea is.

I am happy with how these bar stools turned out, and I thought I would share a quick little tutorial on how I painted them.

First, I cut the numbers out on my vinyl cutter, and pulled out the number, leaving the vinyl around it as a stencil.  I then adhered the vinyl to the seat of the bar stool, making sure that it was centered and straight.

Next, I painted over the number with a black paint that matched my bar stools.  I did this to ensure that I didn't have any paint bleed under my vinyl stencil.

Finally, I painted over the numbers with a light gray paint.  It looks white on the bar stools, but I think the fact that it is actually a light gray, makes it look less stark.  (Please ignore my dirty garage.  We are very much still a work in progress around here.)  I waited for the paint to dry and then pulled the stencils off, and was left with cute numbered bar stools.

I know - - my bar stools don't all match, but they are what I had on hand from our old home, and I am okay if everything is not matchy matchy.  Plus, I think the numbers help tie them all together.

My boys assigned themselves to the bar stool that corresponds with their number in the family - so there is way less fighting over who gets what stool at breakfast now.  A fringe benefit I was not expecting, but I am definitely enjoying!!