Around the House - Front Walk

I rarely share pictures of my house, which is a little weird because this blog is about my domestic life.  I think I get intimidated by all of the gorgeous, magazine worthy homes out there on Instagram and on blogs.
I've decided I just need to get over it and share my less than perfect house and less than perfect photography of it around this little blog more often.  So I'm starting today.  I am going to try to regularly share a little space in or around my house that I love or that makes me happy.

(Please excuse my dirty looking walkway and porch. Our soil here is very red, and it stains everything.  I have tried everything I can think of to scrub them clean but to no avail.  If you have a magic formula for cleaning dirt stained concrete send me a quick message.  I will forever be in your debt.  I really, really want clean looking concrete again!)

Today, I am sharing my front walk.  I am so happy with how this space is coming along.  I knew I wanted flower beds lining the front walk up to the door, but I had very little luck with anything I planted there.  This walkway is in full sun all day; I live in Arizona so it is hot and dry; and finally there is a lot of clay in our soil which makes drainage a little bit more difficult.

At my previous house we had a potentilla bush.  It was probably about four feet high by three feet wide.  I loved how it was always covered with cute little yellow flowers and it was very low maintenance.  I was looking for another one online, since I could not find one locally and ran onto these dwarf potentilla bushes.  The description said they get about three feet wide, but only a maximum of 18 inches tall.  I thought right away that this might be the one thing that I could get to grow in my difficult walkway flower beds.  I ordered ten as fast as I could.

When they arrived they were little sticks.  I was feeling a little less good about them, but we planted them anyway.  They took off right away and I have been so happy with how well they have done and I love being greeted by happy, sunshine-y, little yellow flowers every time I walk up the path.

I am hoping they will grow together so that I just have one long mass of yellow flowers all the way up to my door, but it is looking like I may have to order a few more to plant in-between these plants to accomplish that.

That is okay.  Money spent on these cute little potentilla flowers is money well spent.