Organized Toy/Game Closet

Today I am sharing my reorganized toy/game closet.  It had gotten pretty bad, so it is so nice to open this closet door and see this sight.

Several years ago, I shared my newly organized toy closet.  At the time, my boys were young and the toys in that closet were all used regularly.

This is a picture of the toy closet that I shared in that post from years ago.

The games were all stored on the top shelf, because if I left them where the kids could easily access them, they would play "dump-and-mix" with them, and I did not want to have to sort out that mess.

Now, my boys have moved on from a lot of the toys, and they can be trusted to keep the games in their rightful boxes.  In fact, the games are probably the most used items in the closet.

Over the years, I had not changed how this closet was organized, but we had added quite a few toys and games, so it got very crowded in there. 

A few weeks ago, my youngest boys and I went through the toys and games.  We donated and/or tossed what they no longer play with, minus some of the favorites that I am saving for the grandkids. :)  And we reorganized where we put everything.  It is so nice to have this space under control again.

The top shelf contains the things my boys don't play with anymore, but were much loved and played with constantly when they were little.  I cannot bear to part with them, so I am saving them for the grandkids.  The next shelf down holds toys that are rarely used, and the two bottom shelves, hold the games and the toys that still get used regularly.

One of the best things I did in this closet was, label the bins with my label maker.  I think it makes the whole closet look more neat and organized.

I will provide an affiliate link to the label maker I used, as well as the labels at the bottom of the post.  I love the label maker.  It is easy to use, makes several different sizes of labels, and you can use different fonts and formats to make the label look like you would like.  In addition, this label maker has never given me any trouble.

Another thing I did this time around to keep this space neater, was I corralled all the small games, and card games in a bin.  It has helped so much, not only with how it looks, but also with ease of finding those small games that were forever getting lost when they were just tossed in the closet haphazardly.

Ahhhh... Much better!

I know, it isn't a fancy playroom, or anything exciting, but this little toy and game closet works for us.

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