Tuesday's Tip - Freezing Cookie Dough

Freezing cookie dough is certainly not rocket science or even an original idea, but it is super handy.  I don't like baking up an entire batch of cookies at once because  (1) I am way too likely to eat way too many of them, and (2) I don't want my boys filling up on them and ruining their dinner.  So after I have filled up a cookie sheet or two, this is what I do with the leftover dough.

Drop them by teaspoon (or cookie scoop) onto a wax paper lined plate, platter, or cookie sheet.  Then, put them in the freezer for an hour or two until frozen solid.

Once frozen, pop them into a freezer container and put them back in the freezer to be used another day.  When you are ready to use them, simply put them on your cookie sheet and bake.  Watch baking times closely because they often need to be baked just a bit longer than when the dough is made fresh.  I have used this method with all sorts of drop cookies and they all turn out great.

I love having homemade frozen cookie dough in the freezer.  It makes for a hassle-free treat in no-time with way less clean up than when you originally made the dough.  So convenient!!