Diaper Clutch Tutorial and a Cute Gift for a Baby Girl

After five babies, I appreciate the value of a simple diaper clutch.  I loved having one to put in my diaper bag.  It kept the diapers and wipes clean, easy to find, and in good condition.  As my baby got a little older and no longer needed a full fledged diaper bag, it was nice to have one of these ready to grab when we were on the go, or when I needed to drop him off at a sitter.

I have a friend who is also my neighbor and a relative (sort of - - our husbands are cousins), who is having a baby girl any day now.  So, I decided to whip up one of these simple diaper clutches for her and her sweet new addition.  While I was at it, I snapped a few pictures and decided to write up a tutorial on how to make these quick and easy diaper clutches.

First cut two pieces of coordinating fabric into 12" x 21" pieces.

Now layer the pieces on top of each other, wrong sides together, and measure in 2 1/2 inches from one of the top corners.  Cut out a triangular shaped section on the diagonal.  (This will make more sense when you look at the next two pictures.

To ensure that both of my sides match.  I take the side that I have cut and fold the fabric in half, lengthwise - then cut the other half of the fabric along my cutting line.

This is how it will look when the cutting it done.

Take your lining fabric and a piece of sew on velcro (loop side).  Pin the velcro in place in the center of the  piece of fabric about 1" down from the top.  My piece of velcro was about 3 1/2", but it could be a little longer or shorter and it wouldn't make much difference.  Sew the velcro in place.

Next, match your fabrics up, right sides together.  Pin in place and sew around all four sides leaving about a 2 - 3 inch opening for turning.  Make sure you backstitch as you start and end the seam.  I used a 1/4" seam allowance here, but a 1/2" seam allowance will work too.

Turn the fabric right side out and work out the corners.  Press the entire piece well, then fold up the bottom of the piece 7 inches.

Fold the top piece down to determine where you want your hook side of the velcro.  Pin the velcro in place and then double check that it is where you want it.  Unfold the entire piece and sew the velcro in place.

Fold the bottom of the piece up again, 7 inches and pin both sides in place.

Top stitch around the entire clutch.  I used a scant 1/4" seam allowance, because I wanted to be sure to completely close the opening I had left for turning. ( It may be easier to use a full 1/2" seam to sew the two pieces of fabric together and then a full 1/4" for top-stitching.)

Here is the completed clutch.  Cute, but I felt it needed a little something more.

I sewed on a cute pink button and it is perfect!

It has lots of room inside for plenty of diapers and small package of wipes.

I wrapped it up in a basket with additional diapers, some baby wash, and a fun book.

And I added a little ribbon embellishment to the basket just for fun.  I love it when gift packaging can do double duty as something useful after the gift has been removed.

A simple, roomy diaper clutch and a cute baby gift.  Hopefully the new mommy will be pleased.