Organized Homework Drawer

The new school year is upon us, and yesterday I decided that it was time to clean out a drawer in the kitchen and designate it our homework supplies drawer.  My kids do their homework at the kitchen island, so I wanted their supplies to be close at hand.  This particular drawer had become a sort of junk drawer while we were building our house, and it remained that way after we moved in - which drove me crazy.  I am so happy it has a purpose now.

Last year, when we were still building our house, and living in our little rental property, I put together this homework box to save space.  I blogged about the details of it here.

This system worked pretty well for us, so I just refilled the box with new supplies and stuck it in the drawer.  It will be easy to pull out when it is homework time and easy to put away when the boys are finished.

The drawer also holds a basket for all those papers and reminders that are sent home from the school(s).  I can put them there until I have time to deal with them.  I don't love the little basket, but it was the right size and only $1.00, so it will do until I find something I like better.  I also added a little notebook for when I need to send a note with one of my kids to the school.  The drawer also holds my planner, (which I only use to plan meals and jot down the projects I hope to get to that day) and a couple of little bins for my supplies that I need often like pens, tape, and scissors. Finally. if you look really closely, you can see a cute little aqua ruler in the drawer.

It is so nice to have this drawer organized and ready for the school year to start.