Domestic Doings

The past couple of weeks have had a few challenges that have kept me from getting as much done around the house, but I have managed a few things including:

I managed to take the cupboard above the refrigerator from this mess...

To this.  Not a huge accomplishment, but I feel much better whenever I need to open this cupboard.

I made a batch of my favorite raspberry jam bars.  I will share the recipe soon.

I also tried a new recipe for lemon poppy seed muffins.  They were good, but not perfect.  I will probably try them again, with a few tweaks, before I share the recipe.

I also, of course, kept up with the mundane daily tasks around this place.  Pairing socks is one of my least favorite tasks.  I usually have to talk myself into it by turning on a movie and just sitting down and getting it done.  My husband keeps trying to turn this over to the boys, but unfortunately, they are not very detail oriented and I end up with my seven-year-old's sock being matched up with one of my fourteen-year-old's socks.  That does not work so well, and ends up causing me more work later.  So, for now, I am still the chief sock matcher-upper around here.