German Pancakes

Last week, I mentioned that I made German Pancakes for breakfast.  There are several variations of this recipe to be found out on the internet, but this one is my favorite.

I often make this recipe a little healthier by only adding half the amount of butter into the pan, and then replacing it with applesauce in the batter.   I have also made this recipe with some or all white wheat flour, omitted the dusting of powdered sugar, and served with fresh fruit rather than syrup.

Here is the recipe in its original form.

You can click here for a printable copy of this recipe.

German Pancakes

6 Tbsp. butter
6 eggs
1 cup milk
1 cup flour
½ tsp. Salt


Preheat oven to 350.  Put butter in a 9x13 pan and put it in the oven, while it is preheating, to melt. Put all remaining ingredients in a blender and blend well, scraping down the sides if necessary.  When the butter is melted, and the oven is ready, pour the batter into the hot pan and put back in the oven. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes until the edges are golden brown. Remove from oven and dust with powdered sugar.  Serve warm with syrup.