Domestic Doings

We took a quick trip to Utah to see my family over Fall Break, so I don't have many pictures to share of my domestic fun this week, but I did manage to snap a few . . .

Of course, there is always tons of laundry to do before and after a trip, and let's face it, there is always tons of laundry to do when you have five kids.  One of these days I will share my routine for laundry and how I (try to) keep up with all the laundry that a large family creates.

I made a batch of divinity cookies with some egg whites that were left over from another recipe.  I have been perfecting my divinity cookie recipe for a long time now.  This is one of the most popular posts on my blog.  I will share my latest tips for making the best divinity cookies in a post coming soon.

I also developed a recipe for Easy Slow Cooker Broccoli Cheese soup that I love.  I will be sharing the recipe in the next few weeks.

I also took a few minutes to straighten up my hall linen closet.  This closet is tiny and I need to reorganize it to hold a few more things.  I will be sure to share it when I do.