Domestic Doings

It has been awhile since I have posted a Domestic Doings post.  It has been a little crazy around here with our spring break trip and then I caught a cold that lasted a week.  Finally we are getting back to normal around here.  So, here are a few of the domestic things I have done in the last month or so.

I took down my Valentine's mantle and put up this one for St. Patrick's day.  I'm not sure why, but I have always liked this mantle a little more than my other holiday ones.

The other day I took down the St. Patrick's day decor and put up this Spring mantle.  I am not really a fan of this one, but it will do for now.

One thing I am a fan of, is my new tulip wreath for Spring!  Don't you love it?!?!

I think it is so pretty and perfect for this time of year.  I will include an affiliate link to it at the end of the post.

On the cooking side of things, I have been working on a recipe for the best caramel popcorn.  Recipe coming soon!

I also tried my Maraschino Cherry Bars with a cherry glaze instead of the icing.  I think it was a slight improvement, but still a little too sweet.  I will try something else the next time I make them and see if we can hit the jackpot.

I am also working on a recipe for shortbread toffee bars.  I am almost there.  Fingers crossed that the next one will be the one.

Amongst the many many dinners I have made, I finally made my Slow-Cooker Pork Carnitas again.  I need to make these more often.  My whole family, and everyone else I have ever made them for, absolutely loves them!!  They are definitely going to be on the menu at our house again soon.

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