Simple Valentines Day Decor

Today I am sharing my simple Valentine's Day decor.  Up until recently, I didn't ever decorate for Valentine's Day, but a couple of years ago, my two littlest boys were so sad when we took down all the Christmas decorations that I decided a little Valentine's decorating was in order.  I made the simple Alphabet sign that year and printed off the love printable.

My youngest boy was home alone with me all day at the time, and we were always looking for something fun to do, so one day we made this simple, understated wire heart banner.  We used the tutorial found at Landeelu.

And, just because I love this heart garland so much, I am sharing one more shot of it.

All of my Valentine's decor is limited to this hook shelf in the entry with two exceptions . . .

I got out the old favorite Valentine's Quilt.

And I put up the watercolor pattern heart garland on the fireplace mantel.  This was another fun project that my youngest and I did when he was home alone with me.  I used the tutorial found at Simple as That.  It was a fun project that took up some of our time for two days.   My youngest always gets excited when I get it out again every year.

The first year that I put this decor together it took a little bit of time to make everything, but now, I can seriously get this Valentine's decor put up in about ten minutes, and it makes the house just a little bit more fun this time of year.