A Few Fall Touches

I want to share a few fall touches that I have put up around my house in the last couple of months.  I know that I am way past due on this post, but life has been so busy lately, I have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things when it comes to blogging.

I am not sharing everything, just a few small things that I love to put up in my house this time of year.

Well, technically this one is outside my house.  I would love to have a wreath on my door for the whole year, but I am not quite there yet. This wreath is a little small for the scale of my current house.  It worked perfectly on our little starter home, but I think I need a slightly bigger one now.  Hopefully next year I can get on that, but this one will do for this year.

This was what I had on my hook shelf for the month of October.  I love looking at all these cute pictures of my kids in their Halloween costumes over the years.  They love it too. 

I switched out a few things after Halloween, to get the mantle ready for Thanksgiving.  I am one of the weirdos that actually likes decorating for Thanksgiving.  I love celebrating and enjoying the season we are in, so Thanksgiving gets its due time at my house.

I apologize for the quality of my photos lately.  On top of the fact that I am a less than stellar photographer, my camera is about done.  I need to replace it soon, so that hopefully I can get my photos to be somewhat in focus again.

Finally, I have to share my favorite Thanksgiving pillow that has a prominent place on the couch in my living room.  I love its simplicity and, of course, its message.

Happy Fall Y'all!