Bubble Painting - An Easy Art Project for Kids

 Bubble Art for Kids tutorial

The other day my two youngest boys and I did some bubble painting.  This is an easy art project for kids.  It is easy enough for preschoolers, but my boys who are 9 and 11 really had fun with it too.

In an effort to clean up my Pinterest boards, I have gone back into the dark recesses of some of them and found some really cool pins from long ago, and decided that I am going to make more of an effort to try out some of these pins and then review them on the blog.

I pinned this idea years ago when my oldest boys were little, now that I finally did it with my youngest boys I wondered why I have not been doing this fun little project with my boys for years.  This bubble art was easy and so much fun!

This is how the art project went at our house . . .

We filled four cereal bowls with 1/2 cup water each. We then added a few drops of soap and 15 drops of food coloring to each one.  We just used the four colors that came in the food coloring box.  The boys each got a straw, mixed the color up in the bowl and then blew through the straw to fill the bowl with bubbles.

Once we had the bowl filled with bubbles, we took a scratch piece of paper and pressed it lightly down on the bubbles to see how it looked.  It is a good thing we did, because we could hardly see color on our page.  We kept adding food coloring and testing again until we felt the color was good.  In the end I think we added about 45 drops to each bowl in order to get the color dark enough to please us.  In the tutorial I pinned she said she only used 15 drops per bowl, but she used neon colors in a name brand, and we were just using an off-brand food coloring, so that may have been the difference.

Kids doing bubble art

Once we were happy with the strength of the color, we grabbed the boys art journals. (They are just spiral bound watercolor paper books that we use for little art projects like this.)

The boys blew the bubbles and then pressed the art journal page onto the different colored bubbles until they were happy with how they looked.

Here are their results...

My 11-year-old's finished project.

This is the one my 9-year-old completed.

A few final thoughts on this project -

This was fun and easy - but messy.  When the boys were done with their bubble painting, they asked if they could keep playing with the bubbles.  I let them, and they had a ball, but when they were done, my table, and my boys had a lot of the colorful bubble solution on them.  It was fine though.  It wiped right off my table; and the boys and their clothes all came clean with a little washing.  However, take necessary precautions if you are worried about getting food coloring on anything.

If you are doing this with little ones, you might want to practice blowing through the straw in water before blowing in the bubble solution, so they don't accidentally suck the solution up through the straw.

I pinned this bubble painting idea from Housing a Forest.  Definitely worth checking out.  It is such a great idea and a total hit with my kids.

Easy art project for kids bubble art