Homemade Elderberry Syrup


With Cold and Flu season in full swing, I figured it was high time that I shared this recipe for homemade Elderberry Syrup.

About 9 years ago, I had the hardest winter.  I was sick constantly. It seemed like I was no sooner over one illness than I would get another, and they would often turn into bronchitis or a sinus infection.  It was the absolute worst, and since my kids were all little at the time, it was really tough to try to take care of them when I was always sick.

The next Fall, as Winter was approaching, I started to panic.  There was no way I could face another winter like the last one.  So, I started researching.  I found several things that have helped me tremendously, and luckily I have never had another winter that has even come close to that winter. One of the best things I discovered was Elderberry Syrup.  There is good research that shows the benefits of Elderberry.  Since I am not a health professional, I will not go into all of its benefits here, but they are easily researched, and I can testify that, for me, Elderberry Syrup is a godsend.

When I first discovered Elderberry syrup, I was buying the commercial preparations.  But I soon found that I could make the syrup myself for a significant savings, and it is not hard at all.  Plus - I personally feel like it is much more effective than the commercial stuff.

I will eventually get around to sharing a few of the other things that I have found that have really helped me when illness strikes or even if I just start to feel like I am coming down with something. (See my post on my immune-boosting carrot berry juice here.)  But for today, I am sharing my recipe for elderberry syrup that I make at home. 


I based this recipe off the recipe on Wellness Mama.  If you are interested in trying Elderberry Syrup, I highly suggest you read her post on it. It is very informative.  I just tweaked the recipe a little, to make it a little less sweet and because I usually use all dried spices (rather than fresh ginger).

Make sure to scroll past the recipe for a few more notes, and a link to the dried elderberries that I usually buy.

So, finally... here is my version of the recipe.


  • I usually split this recipe between two jars. One I keep in the fridge and the other I put in the freezer, so it will keep longer.  I have had good luck keeping this in the fridge for about three weeks, but your experience may vary.
  • I usually take about 2 Tbsp per dose when I am sick, and 1 Tbsp if I am just trying to boost immunity.  I usually give my kids (all over 10 years old) the same dose.  Since I am not a health professional, I suggest you do a little research on dosing.  Wellness Mama's post has some good information on that.
  • Always make sure that your syrup has cooled down before you add the honey to it.  You don't want to kill all those good healing enzymes in raw honey.
  • My kids hate how this makes the house smell when it is simmering on the stove, but I like it.  I think it makes the house smell like Christmas.
  • I have used several different brands of dried elderberries to make this recipe, and they have all been fine.  I am including an affiliate link to the brand that I have been using lately, and I have really been happy with them.

*Affiliate link