Healthy and Immune Boosting Carrot Berry Juice or Smoothie


This carrot berry juice is honestly the best thing I have found to boost my immunity.  I am not a health professional, so I cannot make any guarantees on this, but I have found that making this fresh carrot berry juice has kept me from getting sick on several occasions and has helped me get better faster when sickness has come my way.

A couple of months ago, I posted a recipe for Elderberry Syrup.  In that post, I told my story about how I spent an entire winter as sick as I have ever been, and how I researched several things that, I believe, have helped me to stay healthy, even when everyone around me is super sick.  Of all those things, I think that this juice is what has helped me the most.  

For many years, I made this juice and drank it every day.  During that time, I never got sick, other than when I went on vacation and couldn't make the juice.  I have not been as good about drinking it daily the last few months, but I still drink it often.

So, today I am sharing my method for making this carrot berry juice.

You start with fresh carrots.  You don't need to peel them.  Just give them a good scrub and trim off anything that doesn't look good to you.  For one serving, I use from 6-9 carrots, depending on size.

Next, you need to juice the carrots.  Yes, this will require a juicer. I have juiced many things with this juicer, but carrots for this carrot berry juice are my number one most juiced item.  (And my chickens are always so happy to get the leftover pulp.)

I use the Breville Juice Fountain (*affiliate link). This is a centrifugal juicer.  I know that a masticating juicer would be a little healthier, but I wanted a juicer that was easy to put together and easy to clean, and this is both.  I have had this juicer for over 8 years, and it is still going strong.

Now you need to transfer the carrot juice to a blender, or if you are like me and hate any extra dishes, you can just leave the carrot juice in the pitcher from the juicer and use your immersion blender to blend everything up when the time comes.

So, now you need to add about a cup of berries.  A little more, or a little less - doesn't matter.  I use a frozen triple-berry blend of blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries.  

Finally, add a few big handfuls of spinach to the pitcher, and blend until smooth.

If you want to add other veggies or fruits to this mixture, you absolutely can. I have juiced beetroot and celery with the carrots to add even more beneficial nutrients and healing enzymes to this juice, but I can't if I expect my kids to drink the juice.

I generally just drink the juice and have it with some eggs or other protein, but if you want to make this juice into a smoothie, you definitely can.

I just add some Greek yogurt and a scoop of vanilla protein powder to the juice and blend well to create an easy and healthy meal on the go.

If you are like me, and trying to give your immunity a boost, I hope you try this carrot berry juice.  I know everyone is different, but it has definitely made a huge difference to me.