Simple Cut-Offs Tutorial

Yesterday, I posted about how I patch jeans and extend their life a little longer. Sometimes though, I don't get to them soon enough and they are way too far gone to be patched. My son has a pair like this, and since summer is coming, I decided to cut them off into shorts. Now, I could try to hem them nicely, but they will just be shorts for him to play around the yard in this summer, so it is not worth my time. However, I don't like how cut offs that are not hemmed fray endlessly either. So, this is my fast and easy solution.

See these jeans? Way too far gone for a patch job.

Simply cut them off above the rips, making sure that both sides are the same length. Sometimes, if my son is around while I am doing this, I will have him try them on just to be sure, but this isn't really necessary. Save the bottom part of the legs for future patch jobs. (Or my mother-in-law says you can make a cute skirt for an American Girl doll out of them.)

Now, slide the pant leg onto the arm of your machine and stitch along the edge all the way around the leg. (a very small seam allowance - I usually just line the edge of the fabric up with the inside of my presser foot.)

I have been doing this for a few years now, and I have noticed that after the first wash or two, you will need to trim a few threads, but after that you will have a nice, clean, tiny frayed edge that is only apparent on close inspection. These make great little shorts for the boys to play in all summer.