Under the Sink Revamp

Cleaning out under my sink has been on my 100 project list for awhile.  It seems like it has been becoming more and more disorganized ever since I had my baby, and it finally got bad enough that I started avoiding it.  I decided this week that it needed to get crossed off the list, so I got to work.

Here is my before picture. I am totally embarrassed to post this, but it is what it is. Oh well.

After I got everything pulled out, and wiped up, I wondered why I had avoided it all so long, since it literally took less than ten minutes.  I think part of the reason is because I knew there was some water damage there and I didn't want to really deal with that yet.  I had done a little research and found that a lot of home improvement experts and plumbers suggest putting in peel and stick tiles under your sink, to cover the existing damage and to prevent further damage, so I decided today was the day.

I found a box of 25 peel and stick tiles for $12.00 at one of the little stores in my little town.  I only needed six for under my sink, but I decided I had some other projects that I could use the tiles for - they definitely will not go to waste.  They went in really easily and doesn't it look sooo much better?

I got rid of a few things under the sink that I never use and then used a couple of bins I had on hand to containerize the rest of the stuff.  It looks much better and I honestly sleep better knowing that everything is finally clean and organized under that sink (Crazy! I know.)