Burlap Monogram Board

I had some burlap and this board laying around and decided to make good use of them.  My piano needed a little something to sit on top of it, and this burlap monogram board was just the thing.

Unfortunately, I didn't snap pictures while I was putting it together, but I think if you look closely it is pretty self explanatory.   I will give the dimensions I used and a couple of instructions.  I cut the monogram stencil out on my vinyl cutter.  I used spray paint to paint the letter.  The board measures 10" x 11 1/4".  I cut the burlap 8 3/4" x 10" and pulled five threads on each edge for the fringe.  I then hammered in regular old upholstery tacks at the four corners.  It was super easy and I love it!!

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