Tuesday's Tip - Nightstand Drawer Organization

This tip is really for me more than anyone else.  Lately, the drawer of my bedside table has become kind of a catch-all, and it has been driving me crazy.  I like the drawer of my nightstand to be relatively empty, and only hold the things that I use each night.  So, in an effort to keep my drawer from becoming cluttered up again, I decided to reorganize it a bit.

The first thing I did, of course, was clean it out.  Once I had an empty drawer to work with, I decided to line it with some cute scrapbook paper.  I am hoping that if I can see that paper every time I open the drawer, it will be motivation to keep the drawer in good order.

 I then took a small ceramic tray that I inherited from my grandma, that was sitting unused in my kitchen cupboard and put it in the drawer to hold my hand cream and lip balm, and keep it from rolling around too much in the drawer.

I added a little white basket to hold a small notebook and pen, to jot down any thoughts or ideas that occur to me at night or first thing in the morning, that I don't want to forget (this happens to me alot).

Finally, the drawer also holds my scriptures.

I feel so much better when I open this drawer now!