Organization Styles

With all the people around blogland talking about 40 bags in 40 days, it has motivated me to take some time to do some organizing around my house.  While I was organizing my bathroom drawers, I thought a lot about organizational styles.  For me, I like everything categorized and containerized, so this is what my drawers look like. . .

My husband, on the other hand, is quite different.  For him, he feels he is the picture of organization if all of his bathroom items end up in the same drawer. Early in our marriage, I tried to put everything neatly into containers according to their respective uses, but I soon found that the little baskets were just floating around, taking up space in the drawer, because he was never, ever, going to take the time to put the items back into the specific little homes that I had given them.  To try to change my husband's thinking and feelings on this is just an exercise in futility, and to try to force him to keep his things like I would keep them would only result in a lot of contention and resentment.  So, many years ago, I decided that if all his stuff ends up in his bathroom drawer and it can be shut away, then I am fine with that, so this is what his bathroom drawer looks like (after a little straightening up.)

See - - it is all okay and life goes on even if his drawer is not containerized properly in my eyes. ;)