Shower Supplies Basket

While organizing my bathroom last week, I finally got around to taking two minutes to do something I have been meaning to do for months. Now this is not a new, exciting, or innovative idea folks, but I am so proud of myself for stopping my procrastinating and getting around to this, that I just have to document it.

I bathe my two little boys in the master bathroom bathtub, and of course, they like to spend a little time playing in there after I have scrubbed them down.  Since I didn't want them dumping my products down the drain, or getting ahold of my razor, I found I was always having to gather everything up individually and remove it before I bathed them and then of course I had to replace everything when I wanted to use the tub.  This only took a couple of minutes, but still, it was annoying.

So, finally, I corralled everything into a basket that I can remove and replace as needed with one motion.

 So. Much. Better.