The start of an HST Sampler Quilt

Not too long ago, I decided to start working on an HST sampler quilt.  If you remember, I made my son a quilt that required sewing a lot of HST's.  While I was making of all those HST's, I used Allison's scrap saver tip and was left with all of these cute little HST blocks just waiting to be made into another quilt, so a sampler quilt it is.

This week is the week that the work begins.  Each of these squares are only 2 1/2" by 2 1/2", so I will need to put 16 of these little babies together in order to complete one sampler block.   The task seems a little daunting to me.  In order to have the courage to tackle it, I plan to complete one block a week, until I have enough for at least a throw-sized quilt.

The block I completed this week contains four pinwheels.

I know it is not perfect.  I refuse to allow myself to be too much of a perfectionist with this quilt - so no nit-picking please. : )

Block #1 - Done!  Now only about 4 million more little HST's to sew together to complete this sampler quilt.  It should be fun!!