Domestic Doings

Some of the things that have kept me busy around the house this week . . .

I made these yummy double chocolate muffins for my kids for breakfast on Saturday.  This recipe makes a big batch, so I was able to put a bunch in the freezer for breakfasts/snacks throughout the week.  The recipe is from Mel's Kitchen Cafe and can be found here.

I also made a double batch of our favorite blueberry muffins with streusel topping.  A bunch of these went in the freezer too. I blogged about them and shared the recipe several years ago.

Also, I totally love my 24 cup muffin tin.  I have added an affiliate link to the bottom of the post, if you are interested.  I highly recommend it!

I also made these yummy Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Fingers to package up individually and put in the freezer for my kids lunches.  I will share the recipe soon.

I tried this sheet pan dinner.  My husband and I liked it. The kids were split on whether it was a hit or a miss.

I also worked on a household project that I will be sharing soon - - hopefully, next week.

And finally I had to share this sign my youngest made.  He lost a tooth and the tooth fairy forgot to visit.  The next night, two of his brothers helped him make some signs so that she would hopefully find her way to him.  Luckily it worked!

Another good week!