Organized Pantry

I am lucky enough to have a large (not fancy) pantry/storage room just off my kitchen, but in my kitchen, I have a small pantry where I keep most of my everyday food and cooking spices and seasonings.  Last week, I decided it was time for it to get cleaned and organized again.

If you remember, in last week's Domestic Doings post, I showed a snapshot of some shelf paper.  This is the project that I was working on.  I love all the fancy schmancy pantries on Pinterest that are painted and wallpapered and perfectly organized with matching bins and baskets.  I did not feel like I had the kind of time or money to turn my little pantry into a show piece like that , but I could make it just a little cuter with some shelf paper, and get it back into a good state of organization.

So, I am sharing just a few pictures of my organized pantry.  Obviously some things needed to be restocked when I took these pictures, but I think you can still get the basic idea of my simple pantry organization.

I cook a lot, and I like to cook a lot of different kinds of food, so I have a lot of different spices and seasonings.  Basically one whole shelf is dedicated to them, but to relieve that shelf just a little, I put several of my most used spices in these little magnetic containers and hung them on the door.  I also hung a little "map" on the corner that tells me what spices are where, since several of them look similar.

I put some shingle flashing up on the door with some caulking (My husband assured me he could fix any damage if I ever decide I want to take it down).  Then, I put spices in magnetic canisters that I got from Ikea.  I tried to find them on Ikea's website, but I couldn't.  I did find some similar ones on Amazon, but I am not including a link, because it is hard for me to recommend something that I haven't actually tried and liked.

It is so nice to have this pantry clean and organized again, and made just a little cuter with the easy addition of some shelf paper.