Art Project for Kids - Calendar

My third grader gave us the cutest Christmas present that he had made at school.  It is a calendar and I think it would make a terrific art project for kids.  Let me just show you how darling the pages are.

I am going to show you all twelve, so keep scrolling!

He told me that this took several days of their art time and they did two or three each time.  They watched the instructions for how to draw each picture on Art for Kids Hub on YouTube.  They did a practice piece on scratch paper and then the teacher handed out the calendar pages (on cardstock) and they did it again on there.

His teacher seriously has the cutest ideas.  This one definitely needed to be hung up, but that is where I ran into a problem.  It wasn't bound like a typical calendar, and I didn't have an industrial hole puncher where I could punch a hole in the top and hang it from a nail, but after thinking about it a minute, I came up with this solution.

I hung it from a heavy duty magnet clip on the deep freeze in my pantry.  Now, each month, I can just unclip it, flip the page and clip it back up.  I am including an affiliate link to the magnet clip I used. (It comes in a pack of 4.) It holds the calendar up perfectly for me.

The teacher obviously used the plastic comb binder in their work room to put the calendars together, but you can find hobby grade comb binders at office supply stores and online that are not too expensive. 

This calendar is such a great art project for kids and a good idea for a student gift to give to parents as well!

*Affiliate link