Neutral Living Room Christmas Tree

Today I am sharing the little Christmas tree in my living room.  I decorated it in a neutral wintry theme and I love it!  We have a family Christmas tree in our family room that is full of all the ornaments my kids have made over the years and other keepsake ornaments, but I always wanted a Christmas tree for my living room that I could decorate with a little more style.

I picked this tree up at Sam's club a few years ago and I love it.  My living room is not very big, so I knew I needed something tall and skinny.  This pencil tree fit the bill and I loved that it was so realistic looking.

The first thing I picked up to decorate this tree was the neutral Merry Christmas ribbon to use as garland, and I picked up all the other decorations to work from that.

I already had the cute white stars.  My little boys and I made them years ago out of sculpey clay and then painted them with a glitter glue.  I have always loved them.  I picked up a couple of packages of the white snowflake ornaments and put them on the tree, but I felt it needed something else.  I was on a pretty strict budget the year that we picked up this tree, so there was no room for anymore ornament purchasing, so I found a bag of pine-cones that we had collected several years before and nestled them in the branches.  That was enough and that was how the tree looked for a couple of years.

Last year, I saw all the cute pom pom garland everywhere and decided that I could make some of my own.  I pulled out my stash of white yarn and made a bunch of pom poms, but before I put them together as a garland, I decided to just try to nestle them on the branches like little snowballs.  I loved it and I liked how I had a lot more control over where they all went, when I put them on individually.

I felt like the tree was just about the way I wanted it, but felt it was missing a kind of "statement ornament".  I wanted something that was larger and would stand out, but not be so overpowering that you missed the rest of what was on the tree.  I found these cute wooden snowflakes, added a little twine to make them into ornaments, and added them to the tree.  Just right!  It was just the understated statement I was looking for.

Once again, I have to share what the tree looks like when it is lit up at night.  After all, isn't that really the best part of a Christmas tree?

I love having this pretty little neutral Christmas tree in my living room.