Simple Pantry Organization


I spent a few hours last week whipping my pantry back into shape.  I am not showing this pantry because I think it is amazingly beautiful, or perfectly organized.  I am mostly sharing it because I am trying to make this blog what I originally intended it to be . . .a journal (or daybook) of my daily domestic doings.  Usually that is recipes - I cook and bake a lot.  But I also like to share some of the other stuff I do around here, since I spend a lot of time cleaning, organizing, doing laundry, etc. So if anyone finds something helpful here, all the better.  I have sure appreciated the things people have shared with me personally or online that have sparked an idea that has made my life easier or better in some way.

For several years, my pantry has been organized like this.   I think it looked nice, clean, organized, etc.  Unfortunately, we kind of outgrew it.  I needed to relabel bins, and I needed  more of some and less of others, I needed some of them to be bigger and some to be smaller, etc., so that required a bit of a revamp.

So, I ordered some baskets. I thought they would add a bit of texture and warmth to the pantry.  I reused, a lot of the white bins that I already had in place in the pantry.

I was craving a bit more simplicity in my labeling this time around, so I pulled off the old vinyl labels and replaced them with these simple labels that I printed on my label maker.

For the baskets, I bought some metal bin clips and then attached a label that I made on my label maker.

I also purchased some of these clear divided bins to hold things that I wanted to stand up in their bins.  I attached labels to them as well.

My newly organized pantry works for me in the phase my family is in right now, and that makes me happy.

Here are a few *affiliate links to some of the products that I used in this pantry that I found really helpful...