Nut-Free Derby Pie


Derby Day was just a few weeks ago, and as usual, I made my Kentucky favorites, including Derby Pie.  Son #2 cannot eat pecans, and so for years he always felt bad that he couldn't have a slice of Derby Pie with the rest of us.  So, last year, I finally got around to trying to make a nut-free version of Derby Pie.  And let me tell you, it is every bit as delicious as my classic derby pie recipe, and tastes very very similar to the version made with pecans.

So, today, I am sharing my version of Derby Pie made without pecans...

The switch was easy.  All I did was substitute coarsely crushed pretzels for the pecans in the recipe and it worked out perfectly.

This recipe is just for the Pecan-Free Derby Pie filling. Use your favorite pie crust recipe for the crust.  I always use, and highly recommend my Flaky, All-Butter Pie Crust recipe.

I will say, I always prefer to eat my derby pie slightly warm with dollop of lightly-sweetened, freshly whipped cream.  In the case of this version, eating the pie warm, or warming up a slice that has cooled is an absolute must, in my opinion.

So, if you or someone you love is also unable to eat pecans, but want to try delicious derby pie, give this nut-free derby pie recipe a try.  

Perfect, Nut-Free Derby Pie!  So good!!