A Home for the Vacuum

When we were looking at our home, way back when, I didn't notice the lack of closet and storage space. (I was a total novice.)  As we were moving in, I noticed that there was no place to store the vacuum.  At the time, it didn't bother me that much because we only had one little baby, so there was an extra bedroom and closet and I just stuck it in there.  As our family grew, and we needed that extra bedroom and closet for our kids and their things, the vacuum got moved out into the hall.  It has bothered me alot that I tripped over that vacuum, every time I had to go down that little hall, but there was honestly no other place for it.  One day, it finally occurred to me that we could revamp the lone hall closet in our house a bit and allow for our vacuum to be stored in it.  The closet was originally set up as a linen closet and the shelves filled the closet top to bottom and front to back, but I decided I could give up a little shelf space on the bottom two shelves and allow room for my vacuum to be stored in there.  So here is what we did...

This is what the closet looked like when we started. Yeah, I'm embarrassed to show this mess, but I'm keeping it real.

We removed the bottom two shelves.

My husband cut them down and reinstalled them, so  I wouldn't completely lose that storage capacity.  (We need every inch in this little house.)

I reworked the linen closet in my master bathroom to hold all the linens in the household, so, now this closet holds only cleaning supplies, craft and kids art supplies, and a few miscellaneous items like light bulbs and extension cords.  Most importantly, it now also holds the vacuum. ( No, I'm not just lazy with my vacuum cord, this vacuum is great and still going strong, but the arms that hold the vacuum cord, were knocked off about a year ago.  Probably from taking too many hits while it resided in the hall.)  I am so happy we made these changes every time I walk down that hall or open this closet.