Boys Bathroom Changes

I decided many months ago that my boys bathroom was SCARY and in desperate need of help. I actually loved the paint color and the decor in the little bathroom, but my boys had made such a stinky awful mess of the place, my husband and I decided that the only solution would be to pull out the vanity and replace it with a sleek pedestal sink. I won't go into detail about why this was necessary, but since the vanity is so close to the toilet and I have 5 little boys, you can probably imagine. Yikes!! So - - since we were pulling out the vanity and replacing tiles, I decided that it was probably time that I give up my feminine, pretty, yellow bathroom and boy it up a little (not too much.)

So, here is a look at the changes . . .


Notice the toilet seat is up. Boys!!

I managed to notice the toilet seat and put it down for this one.

We had a towel bar in this bathroom that was too high for most of the boys, and lets face it - - they were never going to neatly hang their towels up on it anyway. Therefore I had a big problem with towels all over the floor and way too many in the laundry.

We ripped out the vanity and medicine cabinet. (I really don't like medicine cabinets.) We also decided that the mirror was too big for the new pedestal sink and ripped it out too. Luckily, we had just enough tiles in storage to cover where the vanity had been.


This is the new place! A little more boy friendly in every way!! We gave it a fresh new coat of green paint and a new shower curtain.

We replaced the mirror with one I had in storage.  We also decided to make a little cubby with shelves where the medicine cabinet had been. 


This hook board was by far the best thing we did in this bathroom. I blogged about it earlier here.

Overall, I am very happy with the changes. They have made life easier for sure. But, I have to admit, sometimes I miss my pretty yellow bathroom. If only it could have stayed pretty and, most of all, fresh smelling! :) Oh well!!