A Few Tips for the Best Divinity Cookies

For a few years now, this post on Divinity Cookies, has been one of the most popular on my blog.  As it turns out, I am not the only one that had a grandma that made these sweet little meringue cookies.

Due to its popularity, I am leaving that original post alone, but today, I am posting a few tips that I think make these divinity cookies even better.

Keep scrolling past the recipe to see my tips for success with these delicate little cookies.

First the recipe:

Now, for the tips.

First - Use fine granulated sugar.  For awhile, I was using a more coarse, less processed sugar in these cookies.  They still tasted great, but they did not get crispy on the outside and were much chewier than cookies made with standard granulated sugar.

Second - Use mini chocolate chips.  For years, I used regular chocolate chips in these cookies and they were delicious, but I have learned that using mini chocolate chips helps the meringue hold up much better, due to the mini chips being much lighter.  It also seems like the mini chips keep the cookies from tasting quite as cloyingly sweet.

Third - I prefer semi sweet chocolate chips.  These cookies are very sweet, and using milk chocolate chips makes them altogether too rich for me.

Fourth - Let them cool completely on the pan.  These meringues need a chance to set up before being moved.

Finally - these cookies need to be baked on waxed or parchment paper.  If you are looking for some, I recommend these pre-cut, unbleached parchment paper sheets I buy off of Amazon.

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Enjoy these gluten-free cookies.  They are so easy to make and, unfortunately, even easier to eat.