Book Page Magnets

My little boys still make and bring home art projects that they like to have me display.  My kitchen refrigerator does not have a magnetic surface, but the deep freeze in my large pantry does, so for now, that is where their masterpieces go to be enjoyed.  The other day I realized that I was in need of a few more magnets that were a little cuter than what I had going on so I whipped up these cute little book page magnets with supplies I had on hand.

You can make them using the tutorial on my blog for easy map magnets.  You just use old book pages instead of old maps.  *Some affiliate links are included at the bottom of this post for the some of the supplies used in this project.

I like how the magnets are cute, but not so cute that they take away from my little boys' darling artwork.

My husband used to make the map magnets with his fifth graders, and the project was always a hit.  So, they are a fun, fast, and easy project to do yourself or with a group of almost any age.

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