Domestic Doings

Here are a few of the domestic things that have kept me busy the last couple of weeks. . .

I took down the Halloween decor and replaced it with some for Thanksgiving.  This mantle needs some tweaking, but it is coming down next week, so I am not worrying about it.

More Thanksgiving decor.

I cleaned out and organized a few more drawers in my kitchen.  I know these are hopelessly uninspiring, but at least you can tell I've kept at it.

I put away my kids Summer clothes.  I like to do this because most of my boys share a room with a brother and they have standard sized closets, so only keeping seasonal clothes in them gives us the breathing room I like.

My little boys pointed out to me that I hadn't made them an after school treat in awhile, so I made these delicious and easy no-bake cookies for them the other day.
(And just so you don't think I am a mean mom, they do get a snack after school every day, it just usually isn't something sugary like this.)